Zae Dough Paint Show

The Zae Dough Paint Show held at the new Razorsharp Barber Shop & Shave Parlor in Metuchen, NJ Saturday night, had a great turn out. The owner, Khalil Malamug, gave a great introduction speech emphasizing the company’s support for upcoming talent and young entrepreneurs, so they could not pass up the chance to have artist, Zae Dough, have his work shown at their location. 


Zae Dough, also known as christian rapper Isaiah Tate, spoke transparently to the crowd revealing that he was born in Alaska and raised in Detroit. He further shared his childhood struggle to fit in with the popular kids, earning enough money to only purchase flashy clothes, such as Jordans.  All the while concealing his talent of acting which earned him scholarships to ten different schools. He also talked about the times he spent time drawing cartoon characters for kids he used to babysit, and how that time helped progress his love of drawing to painting. Being a man of man of many talents he gave the crowd an outstanding  performance of one of his songs.

If you don’t know Zae Dough take a look at some of his work below and expect great things to come in the near future.


DSC_0195-L - Copy



For more images from the Zae Dough Paint Show:

Contact Zae Dough

Twitter  ‏@IsaiahJTate


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