Blurred Lines

Monday Already!


I’m actually happy its Monday despite the fight I had to put up to get out of bed this morning. This weekend came and went as fast as all the others thanks to all the events I attended. Friday after work I chose to head to Forever 21 at my local mall in search of classic denim overalls, but they only had leather ones in the form of shorts and umm its cold out so no thank you! Luckily my trip was not a total bust I found some accessories to add my already ridiculous collection. I’m big on statement pieces because  your accessories should make your ensemble POP, if not then why bother. I snagged a few bracelets for arm candy to compliment my watches, some Cross studs for days I don’t want to be too flashy, and some wow factors like my Off Angle hoops!

photo 4

If your following me via Instagram or Twitter you’ve seen that I didn’t waste anytime wearing my new pieces. I wore the Spike Dangle earrings for dinner Friday night to tastefully accessorize an all black dress I found in my sisters closet a few weeks ago. For the Zae Dough Paint Show and my cousins baby shower, decorated and hosted by my older sisters company Detailed Events, I chose to wear the Lion Door Knocker earrings paired with a bracelet set. Take a look at what I wore and some of Detailed Events fabulous work!

photo 1

Diptic (1)

photo 3

photo 5Utility Jacket: Forever 21 Faux Fur Jacket: Nordstrom Rack Black Dress: My Sister’s Closet (literally) Checkered Top: Thrifted Black Skirt: H&M Glasses & Heels: Aldo Accessories: Forever 21 Watch: Live Fashion Forward @_lff_

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