Men’s Fall Trends

I wanted to give you a brief run down on some  fall trends for men since it’s “Man Crush Monday” (#MCM) on Instagram. These selections are great to suggest to the man in your life. For this selection I went with my favorite fall staples: flannel button ups, cargo or army fatigue, trench coats, leather and varsity jackets, and bright fall colors. I love flannel shirts for the warmth and comfort they offer without having to throw on a jacket. Cargos are my favorite prints because they can be paired with any other print, worn to run to the store, or at a get together with friends. Trench coats are a serious fall staple I think men should invest in because they add style and class to attire that other outerwear, like a leather or varsity jacket, don’t. A tailored or well fitted trench coat can take an outfit far! When one thinks of bright fall colors orange or red come to mind, so why not incorporate that into your wardrobe. Color can be added anywhere from your hat to t-shirt, jeans to pants, sneakers to shoes, or blazers to jackets.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4photo (2)

The images chosen are just a few suggestions of  ways to put outfits together depending on the individual style and comfort level of stepping out of their comfort zone. One addition at a time can really help change someone’s wardrobe slowly but surely. Not everyone is comfortable with a big change all at once so its always good to be patient, take it slow, and remember change of any kind is good. Let me know what your favorite male trends are for the fall!

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