Fitness Friday Diary

How is your summer body holding up so far? Have you been as adamant as before with following good nutrition and fitness exercises? Has your new years resolution made it past March or June this year? I’ll be honest my body hasn’t changed drastically from the summer, but I’ve already started to regret my nutrition choices. Before I go in-depth I first need to tell you that I am NOT A TRAINER OR NUTRITIONIST. Please do not take my story as what you should do for your personal weight loss or muscle gain goal. I’m merely being transparent like a friend or sister would be if we were talking face to face over a great non fat latte (I can’t do regular milk you understand).  Working out for me is more of a mental relief than physical pleasure but if it works both then I’ve got double the pleasure double the fun!

photo 1

This was me about late May or early June doing Zumba only for my choice of cardiovascular exercise because I was toned enough to my liking, but I wasn’t “shredded” (all muscle).  Zumba is a dance fitness program that is typically an hour-long and taught by licensed instructors. The dance styles are coupled with music such as salsa, soca, hip-hop, tango, reggaeton , etc.  Zumba is a lot of fun for me because of my love and history with dance it doesn’t feel like a work out as a typical gym class does.  Let’s fast forward to this past summer when I decided to get back into my gym routine. My weekly goal is to workout five days a week and keep a food journal so I can keep track of what I’m putting in so I know what to expect from my results.


Cycling is another one of my favorite cardiovascular exercises that I can personally say works you out! The form of cycling I do is with a stationary bicycle that has all the features of a typical bike without the true form of wheels. Typically I will attend three cycling classes weekly granted they are at the crack of dawn, but worth the loss of sleep. I chose to get back into this form of exercise because I have “runners legs” (naturally muscular) and this helps to slim and tone them. Time for that extra dose of honesty: I don’t like that my legs are naturally big so if I discover an exercise that tones them to be smaller I go for it! I don’t know what your target area is but I’m sure you typically go for workouts that you feel work that area out best.

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Thanks to a decent nutrition plan coupled with cycling, HIIT (high intense interval training) bootcamp, running, and kickboxing I was able to comfortably wear a bikini over the summer without any insecurities. I learned more about my body than before with the help of my gym’s trainers, instructors, and certified friends. It pays to talk to professionals who know the proper form you should use for each exercise. You save yourself potential injury and time from performing the exercises incorrectly.  It’s not easy but its worth it to give your body the time and attention it needs to function at its best. Gym membership or not there’s always a circuit of workouts you can repeat 2 or 3 times to get your 30 min – 1 hour of a workout in. So again I ask what how is your summer body holding up? What happened to your new years health resolution? What’s keeping you from spending time exercising? Is it lack of energy, time, motivation, all of thee above?


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4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Diary

  1. This is the second reminder this week. I’ve been doing great with weight loss without really trying. But I really need to get into some routine to workout. Thanks again for the awesome read.

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