I’m not much of a shopper… ok fine maybe a little, but who isn’t? At the Far More Precious Women’s Professional Mixer I attended over the weekend were a few vendors selling items such as handmade clutches and bags, watches, earrings, necklaces, etc. I happened to come across a table of  vintage pieces from I AM R.A.R.E. Throughout my browsing & networking I learned that I AM R.A.R.E is an organization that empowers women to pursue a lifestyle of sexual purity, through faith-based guidance and practical teachings. Founder Jacynth Johnson was so honest about the pieces she collects and her recommendations were on point for each customer. I decided to purchase two of her vintage earrings and couldn’t wait to wear a pair. Image If you have never purchased vintage accessories I highly recommend you contact Jacynth to get a full understanding of each item. You might be thinking “how hard is it to really thrift and pick up vintage accessories” but let me explain. I found the cutest pair of gold earrings and was ready to hand over my money when Jacynth pointed out that they were in fact shoe clips! Yes shoe clips! I was saddened until she demonstrated how they are typically worn by placing them different sections on her shoes. The “Ooooooh” she received was beyond laughable but at least we all learned something new that day.Image Needless to say I couldn’t wait to wear one of the earrings, like the next day. I’ve received a lot of compliments on them to the point that one of my friends tried to snatch them! The reason I enjoy vintage pieces & thrifting in general is because you are guaranteed to find one of a kind pieces that you know only you will be wearing.  I know everyone has a different sense of style, however you know if your in a room with someone and you have on the same thing you are ready to change your clothes ASAP! If that’s not you then kudos, but I’m going to be completely transparent and say I’m not about the ” have a twin” life.  All in all I’m satisfied with my purchase and excited to wear the other pair of earrings . Until next time happy thrifting!


Contact Jacynth of I AM R.A.R.E

Email: iamrare12@gmail.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/RAREIAM

Twitter & IG: @yourrareness




Chambray top & patterned skrit: H&M

Shoes: Christian Siriano

Accessories: MK watch, I AM R.A.R.E earrings, H&M tribal necklace, My Sister’s Closet braclets

Makeup: MAC lip –  Rebel

4 thoughts on “I AM RARE

  1. love love love the blog.. Aww sis thanks for the shout out.. Same here, I am not about to live that “twin life” I guess that’s why Im all about vintage and not mass produced “vintage like” clothing and accessories. we gotta stop the madness.. to0 many twins walking around town!! ha ha ha ha. love ya sis 🙂
    P.S. each piece is hand clean with love…:) seriously..you should see my apartment… peices coming soon online.. blessings…

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